Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hakka Noodles

Originally from the Hakka region in China, with all the goodness of Soy Sauce, this very delicious spicy noodles is served in most of the Indo-Chinese eateries all across India. The recipe is made by stir frying the wheat based flat / round hakka noodles with soy sauce and pepper, by adding the desired vegetables. A colorful combination of cabbage, carrots, broccoli and spring onions makes this more delightful and the most flavorful dish.

Hakka Noodles.jpg

  • Hakka Noodles (any brand - Ching's preferably)
  • Carrots, Cabbage, Onions, Spring Onions, Broccoli - Desired quantities
  • Soy Sauce, Crushed Pepper and Oil.

  • Cook noodles for a 2 to 3 minutes in boiling water, drain and rinse in cold water. Toss the noodles with little oil, to avoid stickiness.
  • On a frying pan, heat oil, stir fry vegetables until they are cooked.
  • Add noodles to the vegetables, add soy sauce and then season with pepper. Add salt if required.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Capsicum (Bell pepper) Chutney












Bell Pepper 2
Onion 1
Coriander Sprigs 5
Tamarind Paste 1/4 tsp
Hing / Asafoetida 1/4 tsp
Oil 1 tsp
Salt to taste  
Optional ingredients
Shredded Coconut 1 tbsp
Dalia 1 tsp

Dry roast
Urad Dal 1 1/2 tbsp
Red Chillies 6


1.Dry roast urad dal until it becomes light brown and you start smelling roasted dal. Then dry roast red chillies. Grind this in mixie preferably, as blender does not grind it as good as  mixie.
2.Pour a teaspoon of oil in a frying pan and saute onion. When onion fries well, add chopped bell pepper and saute until the edges of capsicum becomes little black. This gives a grilled texture. Now add this to powdered ural dal & red chilly mix, add coriander, dalia, tamarind concentrate, hing, coconut, little water and grind thoroughly. Add required salt in the end.

* Green capsicum chutney is very flavorful. Chutney made out of red bell pepper is very colorful and gives a good presentation. I have made chutney with yellow bell pepper though.