Sunday, November 14, 2010


Happy Anniversary to us ^_^

1.All purpose flour/Maida - 4 cups
2.Thick curd/Yougurt- 6 tbsp
3.Ghee (Do not melt/heat) - 2 tbsp

Sugar Syrup:

2.Water -3/4 cup

How to:

Thanks to my friend Lalita for the excellent recipe. Mix all the ingredients. Dough should be of following consistency. Do no heat ghee or substitute yogurt with buttermilk. Else flour will start melting in hot oil.
Mix together

A lil looser than roti dough

Knead the dough.  No need to knead it soft as we need a little rough texture. Make donuts (do not make a hole in the centre but just your thumb impression will do) Main reason is that when you press with your thumb,dough expands and will have tiny cracks through which sugar syrup will seep in.

Deep fry all the donuts and put them in a bowl. Heat the oil very well initially and when you start frying keep the heat to medium so that badhushas get cooked very well inside too.

Make sugar syrup ; consistency should be a little thick.Just the stage before string consistency. squeeze the lemon so that sugar syrup does not become thicker. Switch off stove and put all the badushas.leave for 15 mins and take them out. If you leave longer, badushas might get softer and starts breaking. If you leave for less time, sugar syrup wont seep in and badushas will taste sweet outside and no flavor inside.

Note: Try this with 1 cup flour first so that you will not waste much oil, ghee and other ingredients.

P.S. Was lazy to click pix with camera, just took it with  iTouch. Excuse me for that!


  1. wow !!! nice badhushah's... Good de, Texture and color of badhushah s good, so plumpy !!! yummy .

  2. nice recipe machi.......
    happy anniversary......

  3. Oh anniversary ..Wish u both a very happy marraige anniversary ..

  4. Thanks gals :) few people add little soda, baking powder so that badhushah will puff.But I tried without them. Comes out pretty decent.

  5. Very tempting badhushahs....looks delicious and perfect

  6. Perfect looking balushai, one of my most favorite explained the recipe really well!
    This is my first visit to your blog nice collection you have, I'll be back often :)

    US Masala

  7. Ramya, check out my blog for a sweet surprise...Only waiting for U..

  8. Thanks aipi for stopping by and commenting:)